About 2B’s

Welcome to what hopefully will be a readable fun record of our life, our journeys, trials and tribulations.

For the first three years of this blog we owned a Go-Pod who we simply chose to call Pod. Since June 2018 we now own an Elddis Xplore 304 Sanremo, who’s name again is simply, Pod.

Having come from the caravanning world and previously owned an Elddis Firestorm 524 and a Coachman Pastiche 560 we have chosen to leave the larger mobile home in the past and go back to a simpler way of holidaying, camping but with that added bit of luxury. A few gadgets and gizmos, but only enough to take us totally off grid once in a while.

The plan is to spend as much of our downtime as possible travelling and experiencing the U.K. Our main aim, is on retirement, we will up-sticks for a good few months and tour Europe, but until then we will travel from the tip of Scotland, over to Ireland and to our most southern point in Cornwall. Not in any particular order, whatever tickles our fancy.

We also have company, you may think us mad but it’s a stuffed dog, Poddington, aptly named by one of our followers.  It seems to be a right of passage, that is; owning a caravan and dog and to cut a long story short we did/do have the real article, Sam who left us in 2016 at 20 years old and Niko who’s still with us thankfully but 10 years old and now 3 legged. Needless to say her hiking days are over and Poddington now represents them both and joins us on all our travels,  up mountains, across lakes and where ever Pod takes us.  Keep your eye out for him because he pops up all over the place..

We want to use recognised caravan sites and ones not known to many. When we feel the need we will go totally off grid and rely on our solar panel and other gadgets to make our stays as comfortable as possible. Anyone can rough it, but when there’s no need, then why bother.

Hopefully Pod through time will be tailored to our needs and improved on with Mr. Bs talents for modifications. His mind is always ticking over and coming up with some wonderful ways of making our travels easier and it usually involves LB’s sewing or creative skills along the way.

We would love to share our additions and modifications with you and plan to give updates on our travels, where we’ve stayed and the people we meet and the things we come across on the way. We are happy for any feedback in relation to anything we write about and welcome ideas, we are willing to try anything, well, almost …


5 Responses to About 2B’s

  1. Gillian Wallace says:

    Hi, love your video’s on you tube- really interesting and helpful to a wanna-be pod owner like us. I wondered if you didn’t mind, the next time you do a video could we possibly see what the headroom is like for Mr B with the pop top up as I am 6 ft tall and wondered how roomy it was for standing. Only if you don’t mind. Happy podding!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi. Glad you like our ramblings and videos and another wouldn’t be a problem at all.
      Can answer your question though.. MrB is 6ft 2 and with the pop up roof up, bare footed, he can stand up straight but his head touches the top.
      It’s the bed you may find a problem, it’s down to personal choice.
      We sleep head at window as MrB likes his feet sticking out (weirdo 😉).
      When lying straight his heads is just in front of the curtains and his feet/ankles hang off the edge.. He likes it that way.
      Me on the other hand at 5ft 6 am as snug as a bug.
      Others sleep the other way, tall and short, but curl up more or lie at an angle.
      It really is personal choice and we would recommend you definitely try before you buy.


    • Video done as requested. On YouTube for your perusal 👍


  2. cookie1298 says:

    Hi, I have just started following your adventures which look very interesting. As we are also travelling around the UK we may meet up on a site somewhere. Good luck and continue enjoying yourselves. Oh, and I dont think you are funny carrying Pod. We lost our Springer two years ago aged 14yrs but hardly a day goes by without us talking about him. Especially if we see a similar one on site.


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