Pod Powwow – York 2017

Caravans, so what’s the draw to the smaller end of the market, such as Micro Tourers. We can answer that for you, no problem and the answers all came from a recent get together of Pods which was held in October 2017.

It all happened through a bit of owner promotion, the Podpals page and using our Facebook page as a springboard. Within a few months the Pod Powwow was organised by Laurence Christie and 32 GoPods travelled from between Devon and Aberdeen to make their presence known in York at Naburn Lock Caravan Park where a field had been set aside for Podders use.

Claire and Mat aka ‘2B’s’ tried to met owners on their arrival at the site and they were then handed Pod pendants as a welcoming gift, questions posed were answered and they were directed to the relevant area, those that were missed received a visit soon after their arrival and were also given pendants, we didn’t want anyone to miss out on a memento of the event.

Within a few hours everyone was in possession of amazing cup cakes made by Donna and Julie aka ‘Penny-G’ and beautiful key rings and coasters made by Lee, owner of one of the more retro looking Pods.

Soon all Podders were on first name terms, taking notes of different set ups and quirky modifications.

People were then left to do their own thing but with the option of joining in on the evenings festivities, the first night was spent at the pub, way too many of us to fit inside so the outside became a mini Pod meet, dogs included. A right old giggle was had and it was great to put names to Pods before everyone made their way back to the site and their relevant Pods.. we hope.

We’d arranged for a daytime visit from Rob, the owner of Stratus Photography and the day he arrived turned out to be the driest of our time there. The wind was picking up but it didn’t deter Robs drone from capturing some great images.

Our second night was spent fending off Storm Brian, some fared better than others and a lot of time was spent in a scout tent kindly lent by another Pod owner. Brilliant idea and gave everyone the chance to mingle, dance and relax, whilst occasionally nipping out to check on Pods, awnings and anything else that wasn’t tied down.

Now.. a little about this wonderful group of people; the owners of these micro tourers have had varied travel experiences, from camping in 2 man tents to larger twin axle caravans, but they are a special breed and they don’t see their Micro Tourers as caravans.

It all comes down to no bathroom and relying totally on sites facilities, or for those a little more adventuress a bucket of hot water for daily ablutions and a shovel, which hopefully doesn’t need explaining. It’s described by most as a campervan without the front seats and engine, plus there’s a need to name them with decals, if you haven’t already noticed.

After many years of camping, Lee and her 10 year old daughter Skye now own a Cockpit 2007, they love going to the festivals in the UK and are soon to cross and explore Europe, all this knowing it’s cheaper as they’ve saved on paying extortionate supplements for being a single parent. They’ve plans for a few modifications too, with the split screen their Pod will be transformed into a Star Wars Stormtrooper, although we though Spiderman is another option.

Then we have the loan Podders such as Laurence ‘Podfather’, Julie ‘Piglet Pod’, Dave his dog, and ‘Peg’, plus Ann with ‘Buster’. All keen to hit the roads when they can, there isn’t anywhere any of them are afraid to travel.

Julie says it’s easy to tow, Laurence loves storing it at home and Dave said it’s ideal for single carriage roads. Ann wouldn’t be without her motor mover, on a trip getting to know ‘Buster’ she took a wrong turn into what appeared to be a very exclusive Golf Club. The carpark contained the like of Jaguars and Bentleys, the owners of which stood opened mouthed as she rolled into the carpark. Reversing wasn’t a skill she had yet acquired and after 45 minutes of trying whilst her audience grew, she popped out of her car, head held high, unhitched ‘Buster’ and using her motor mover soon had ‘Buster’ and car reconnected. With a proud nod of achievement, Ann waved farewell and wished them all a great game of golf.

The majority of Podders like Julie and Rob ‘Penny-G’, agree with keeping their tourer at home as it negates storage costs and gives that added flexibility, allowing a trip to have a bit of spontaneity. Chris and Keri ‘Escape Pod’ make great use of their solar panel on their adventures up and down the country, ideal for when hook-up isn’t an option.

Not forgetting the attention you get once you do get yourself on the roads, most people are used to seeing the largest beasts and find it quite funny to see something so small.

In fact, people seem to make a point of saying something when the tourers are on the move. Russ and Christine with ‘Flamingo Pod’ were stopped at traffic lights in Chesterfield when an elderly gentleman had them jump out of their seats by knocking on the car door window, shouting, “wish they’d had these in the 70’s, I would have loved one”. Then we have ‘Wolfe’s’ owners, merrily driving along the M1 when their attention was caught by a passing vehicle which contained a man doing his best to ask questions on its set up.

It seems you can’t be a wall flower when owning a Micro Tourer.

The Powwow was a resounding success, Storm Brian did his best, but with the wine, music and laughter flowing freely many new friendships were made. The day to leave eventually arrived and with a bit of team spirit and brute force tourers were pushed off the now sodden field and on their way home, not before everyone exchanged details with future visits in mind.

So much so, Powwow events are springing up countrywide, with participants joining us from even further afield, including Ireland. So keep your eye out for us and come and say Hi.

Plus… Here’s the link to the ariel footage curtesy of Stratus Photography, who also has his own FB Page and YouTube channel.


About 2B's in Pod

Just a bit of fun for two people who love exploring the UK until retirement in a few years.. then Europe, here we come. For us, it doesn't matter how you make the journey, just enjoy making memories.
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