Pop Top Thermal Wrap 

Spending all year round using Pod we have noticed that a pop up roof does have its draw backs being material.

We had toyed with a number of design ideas over the past 18 months but took the lead from existing motorhome designs.

After searching on numerous camper van Facebook groups and forums we found the solution was there already, the issue being turning the design in to reality.

Several failed attempts to convince a number of manufacturers to take up this challenge were made but determination paid off.

In collaboration with Van Comfort and POLAR we have designed and had made this made to measure easy fit thermal wrap.

Designed to insulate the Pop-Up roof during the colder season whilst also being affective in keeping you cooler during the hotter months. Due to its quilted design it will also help with sound proofing.

As the wrap encases the roof mechanism it provides an air gap so the vents can still be used and due to the weatherproof material it will stop rain seeping through the roof material and vent zips.

Packed away in its own bag it measures 35cmx28cm and weighs only 650g.

Ours being the original prototype cost £185, which we believe is money well spent for the reasons above, but more orders may attract a price reduction.

For more information and to order yours contact Van Comfort Steve Beevers 01777 701804 s_beevers@btconnect.com quoting 2B’s in a Pod, Go-Pod Pop Top Thermal Wrap.

Take a look at the pictures, if they don’t convince you, nothing will :).

Also the YouTube vlog https://youtu.be/_ReVxeiJB84


About 2B's in Pod

Just a bit of fun for two people who love exploring the UK until retirement in a few years.. then Europe, here we come. For us, it doesn't matter how you make the journey, just enjoy making memories.
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3 Responses to Pop Top Thermal Wrap 

  1. Cherry says:

    What a fantastic idea!
    Been searching the Internet but can’t find these. Do you have a link please?


    • 2B's in Pod says:

      Minster Products. Believe they now sell them for just under £50. Van Comfort also do one which we trialed for them. Slightly more expensive but gave an easier fit. Best to ring them, they’re not really advertised as it’s a very small market. Hope this helps.


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