Christmas Treats and Itchy Wheels

December arrived and we had itchy wheels again. Work and sorting Christmas festivities usually meant we wouldn’t be going anywhere but with a little tweaking we managed to rearrange a shopping expedition for a Podding one. No Mad Friday for us we thought.

Now, for us it was our Christmas trip away so we had to have some form of decoration didn’t we? The hunt then began for a Christmas tree, lights and maybe a little something else .. or two.

Self control had to be administered in bucket loads and between the two of us the extent of our decorations had been limited to a 3ft tree, flashing lights and a small sign to ensure Santa knew Podding wasn’t just for summer.

Location for our Christmas trip away needed to be roughly an hour away otherwise our two nights would turn into a driving expedition, not an escape the rat-races one.

With a little research we found a Camping and Caravan site at Delamere Forest, open all year round and less than an hours drive, perfect.

The drive was uneventful and we passed quite a few motorhomes, camper-vans and caravans travelling in both directions, it was great to see people getting the most out of their mobile homes. Each season brings different challenges and we like to think all of the above are capable of dealing with what ever the British weather has to throw at them and if not a few modifications usually help.

Site was easy enough to find and once we’d booked in we were taken to our pitch by one of the cycling wardens, once there Pod as usual became the topic of conversation and we were told a Pod had only left the site a few days earlier.

After describing its occupant and it’s fellow camper-van friend we had a good idea who it was, it was great to hear Victoria was still out and about and enjoying her Podding life.

Once all set up out came the Christmas tree, lights and Santa sign, after lots of moving around its location was decided upon and the tree was pegged down, weather as always is unpredictable and we didn’t want to wake and find the tree half way across the field.

Then came our newest gadget, an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer, we were always curious what the temperatures levels were in and out of Pod and this would allow us to finally find out.

The timer was set on the lights and off we went on foot to find a local pub for our obligatory local ale. The Carriers Inn had been recommended by a work colleague and it always pays to listen to recommendations we thought, as we didn’t know the area at all.

We took the direct route down the main road and after about a 1 mile walk we found the Carriers Inn, looked fine enough from the outside so in we went.

In through the main door and into a very warm cozy dinning area, lots of soft lighting and Christmas decorations added to the welcoming atmosphere, this lead to the bar area and the soft leather look sofas beckoned. This could turn into more than one pint.

Red Breast and Hobgoblin were two of the three ales on offer, both were bought and we settled into one of those sofas and felt the weight of everyday life ebb away.

The menus just happened to be within reach and once we’d checked them over we made the decision to stay for another pint and enjoy the food that was on offer.

Mixed grill for one and sea bass for the other, absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection.

By the time our evening came to an end darkness had fallen and we began our walk back to the site.

 Cars zoomed by as we tottered along a very narrow footpath, this became a little difficult when blinded by oncoming traffic and took a few seconds for our eyes to readjust. Would also recommend a torch for this one as there wasn’t any street lighting.

Didn’t take long to reach the site and on seeing our little Christmas tree outside Pod it made LB giggle, it was great and one year we planned to spend Christmas and New Year in Pod.

Shower and toilet facilities were near the office and once we’d collected our toiletries we tottled off to use them. A code was needed to get into the warm clean block and the showers were hot and very welcoming.

Feeling very chilled out we were soon back at Pod and after checking the temperature gauge we were soon tucked up in bed asleep with the fan heater on timer through the night, bliss. 

Woke to discover it had rained through the night but the day looked promising, dry and not too cold.

Blakemere Moss was on our doorstep and after breakfast we wrapped up, grabbed the camera and went to explore the lake and surrounding woodland.

After a good hour walking through the forest along the well marked path we found ourselves on the waters edge, the stillness in the air along with the seagulls echoing across the water gave it an eery feel, this was made even more spectacular by the sun attempting to break through the mist which was slowly moving over the mirror like lake.

We continued our walk around the lake and eventually found ourselves not too far from the main road and as it was lunchtime we called into the Carriers Inn.

Lighter option was chosen this time and the sandwiches ordered were stuffed full of our chosen fillings, a side order of chips were excellent, not out of a packet; peeled, chopped and fried, mouthwatering stuff.

The walk back took us through the forest and round Blakemere Moss, the sun was now disappearing behind low cloud and the temperature was beginning to drop, it wasn’t however raining, which made a change.

Dinner was eaten in Pod and before we knew it we were again tucked up in bed, last look at the thermometer had it at 3.8deg outside but a toasty 19.6 inside.

Alarm woke us from a deep sleep and as the sun came over the trees we stayed in bed drinking hot tea and reminiscing over our stay.

Delamere Forest has lots to offer, walks yet to be done and wildlife yet to be seen. Location spot on for us too and it will become a bolt-hole for those days when we just have the need to get away.

But now its time to pack up and head home. We’ve had a fantastic 2016 with Pod and met some wonderful people, long may it continue and here’s to a brilliant 2017 for us and for you all.


About 2B's in Pod

Just a bit of fun for two people who love exploring the UK until retirement in a few years.. then Europe, here we come. For us, it doesn't matter how you make the journey, just enjoy making memories.
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